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March 24 2017

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I’m might be obsessed with taking pictures of the puppy nephew

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March 21 2017

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Proud teacher moment…?

March 20 2017

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Dealing with a ton of stress from every side right now so I’m putting off the books I’ve been planning on reading and testing out a new (to me) author.

March 19 2017

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Such a proud teacher moment 💙💙💙

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I love this puppy so much ❤❤❤

March 18 2017

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Just terrible ❤🐶

March 16 2017

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The Waterstones twitter feed is literally perfect.

It is one of my actual favorites.

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Starting the last book today! 👓⚡️

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Just One Word February Book Photo Challenge || Day 12: Stars

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For some reason when I am drowning in stress I end up reading a #colleenhoover book 📖

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i haven’t had the time to read but i still carry my book with me hoping i’ll be able to sneak in some chapters 🍁

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March 15 2017

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Weekend book haul 😍📚

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The art in Fangirl is so cute :3

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Book Dinosaurs

Posting on Tumblr my art in the past few months.

Update: Prints available here at my online shop!

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